Global Petroleum Technologies has been supplying and servicing hydraulic lift systems worldwide since 2004. Success is based on a holistic approach to applications engineering and system design. A team of engineers with experience in drilling, workover, intervention, slickline, well testing, reservoir, completions, wellhead, chemical treatment, production and artificial lift review jet pump candidates from a macroscopic approach and go over the oil well’s life cycle needs as well as installation and intervention need of the specific application. We strive to provide a complete reliable solution and not just hardware.

GPT is recognized for training. We pride ourselves in being able to explain jet pump design and limitations so the operator can recognize current, mid-term and long-term capabilities and limitations. The jet pump may be a temporary solution for frac fluid recovery when other lift systems will not work.  

Our team also includes a staff of mechanical engineering and manufacturing engineering specialist that support optimization as well as research and development using mathematical modeling that were not accessible during the original development of the jet pump while we also upgrade the product with today’s materials of construction and manufacturing techniques.

Some of our engineering leaders have been designing and implementing successful jet pump installations around the world for over 35 years and they lead fit for purpose engineering solutions. Oil, water and gas properties along with sand properties, and reservoir characteristics are reviewed to provide a specific design. Application engineering considers the bubble point at the jet pump intake and/or the vapor pressure and acceleration head in the positive displacement pump Net Positive Suction Head calculation. A complete engineering review of each application.   

Permanent pressure and temperature gauges installed at the jet pump intake provide real time data to optimize oil production and minimize downtime because you can identify the state of the system and predict failures.

Specialized services include acoustic and vibration analysis of piping systems that can include positive displacement and multistage centrifugal pumps. Our engineers have extensive experience in piping analysis that include thermography and oscilloscope testing can be used to identify problems or monitor changes.   

Our distributor in the United States, the “Production Lift Companies” has had Master Service Agreements with most oil companies, so we can be ready to run a jet pump system in the shortest possible time.

With the “Production Lift Companies” GPT is prepared to offer gas lift, plunger lift and hydraulic rod pumps for international clients.