Why consider gpt?

Global Petroleum Technologies has been supplying and servicing hydraulic lift systems worldwide since 2004.

when to consider a jet pump

A jet pump is a solution to fluids with corrosion, solids (sand) or moderate gas such as in the case of frac fluid recovery.

new generation high volume jet pump

The New Generation High Volume jet increases the lift capacity of the standard HV Jet by synchronizing the energy transfer components while providing the largest possible internal flow areas.

engineered well completion solutions

Global Petroleum Technologies provides a complete engineered well completion solution designed to meet the dynamic effects of alternating pressures that can balloon and expand tubulars when going through phases of fracking, workover, shut down, start up, reversal and operation.

sand production solutions

The jet pump can produce high sand content, but excess sand production can complicate surface piping and process equipment operation.

surface power pumps

Global Petroleum Technologies (GPT) offers both positive displacement reciprocating plunger pumps PD) and horizontal centrifugal pumps (HPS) on jet pumping systems.

surface process systems

A holistic approach to surface process systems means the design must consider an immediate time frame or the long-term characteristics of the reservoir with plans for pressure maintenance.

sand production

The traditional two vessel cyclone power fluid treatment system failed to provide results in many applications because it lacked a method to calibration the vortex specific operating conditions.