Team Leaders

Jesse Hernandez
Hydraulic Lift Applications Engineering

Jesse Hernandez, engineer with over 35 years’ experience in the oil and gas industry.

Extensive experience in Artificial Lift, Fluid Transfer, Well Completions, Wellhead, Production Operations, Multiphase Pumping, Solids Control, Oil & Gas Process Systems, Workover, Well Interventions, Instrumentation, Automation, Controls and Communication. Specialized in using a holistic approach to artificial lift design and engineering with emphasis in Hydraulic Lift (Jet Pump and Piston Pump) and Beam Pumping System. Experience includes gas lift, plunger lift, ESP and PCP. Over 30 year experience in global manufacturing and fabrication for major oilfield equipment manufacturers.

Luis Alberto Diaz

Professional Petroleum Engineer with over 35 years in the oil and gas industry.

Well Design and Operations Engineering  

A Professional Petroleum Engineer with more than 35 years of oil and gas experience including more than 20 years in drilling, work-over and completions operations. International Drilling and Completion Manager. Positions include Senior Management, Engineering Management, Design, Commissioning, Operations management. Project Manager and Advisor including organizing explorations projects with different assets teams that include initiating negotiations and exploitation activities then running operations in several countries including Russia- Dagestan, CIS (Kazakhstan), Africa, South America and US. Recognized advisor and innovator of solutions in drilling, workover and production operations including failure analysis. Extensive experience in equipment design, manufacturing and engineering including research and development in wellhead, artificial lift, drilling and intervention tools and systems.  Author of the patents and Hydroliftoil pump designs.

Ronald Ripps

Finance and Business

More than 30 years’ experience in finance, business investment, business planning and real-estate with a history of developing over 100 income producing businesses and properties.  Ronald also serves on the Board of Directors of several social and charitable organizations and actively involved in the San Antonio downtown Rotary organization.

Michael Crain

Business Development

Experience includes Civil, Mechanical, Bridge, and a multiple business owner. Chief Operations Officer of a major manufacturing company involved in the Semiconductor, plating, and medical industry. Customers comprised of Intel, Motorola, Honeywell, Boeing, and Mayo. Responsibilities incorporate the improvement of profitability, generating new prospects, and developing partnerships relevant to potential segment of the market. Currently, hold two positions at University of Texas, a Lecture, and Director of Entrepreneurial Development

Carlos A. Oviedo

Research and Development

Manages computer modeling for design and optimization. Mechanical engineer and MS in Reliability and Risk Management with extensive experience in the Oil and Gas industry. Specialized in design, analysis, optimization and automation of equipment and processes through computational tools that include CAD (Computer Aided Design), CAE (Computer Aided Engineering) and CFD (Computational Fluids Dynamics). Extensive experience in operation and maintenance of upstream and downstream equipment with emphasis in artificial lift, production process systems, instrumentation, communications and automation. Leader in Hydraulic lift systems and electricsubmersible lift systems. Specialized experience in manufacturing, materials and treating.    

Sanin Perez

International Manufacturing

Manages multiple foreign manufacturing operations. Extensive experience in manufacturing to ISO, ASME and API along with over 25 years in oil field production and artificial lift systems with emphasis in wellhead, well completions, permanent gauges, and hydraulic lift. Extensive experience in materials of construction and treating systems.   

Bill Nyborg

USA Manufacturing

Manages US based manufacturing including diversified product lines. Extensive experience in design, manufacturing, materials and treatment systems. Founded diversified manufacturing facility with state of the capabilities for specialized materials and treatment. Manages product design and manufacture. Bill is involved in the community with several personal investments.      

Juan Carlos Correa

Mechanical Design and Engineering

Responsible for design and engineering of the product line with emphasis in new product development. Also responsible for training and software development.

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