Global Petroleum Technologies “GPT”. Life Cycle Solutions in Artificial Lift & Production Systems by Engineers Experienced in Well Testing, Reservoir, Completions, Operations, Maintenance, Monitoring and Automation with Turn-Key

Responsibility and recognition of the current trend toward Environmental Goals, Risk Concerns, ROI, CAPEX, OPEX and Life Cycle Optimization.  

Our team members have operator experienced and stay abreast of technology including the latest programs and mathematical modeling to support your needs.


GPT provides an Engineered Life Cycle Solution. In addition to consideration of production history, reservoir pressure decline and ROI, GPT uses state of the art computer programs and mathematical modeling to optimize systems and solutions. If you’re looking for the newest technology, give us a call for support. Total applications engineering includes 1. NPSH and acceleration head calculations, 2. piping vibration, and 3. preventative maintenance.

Service & Training

GPT offers complete systems solutions and equipment service whether we supplied the equipment or not. Our experience includes manufacturing and design engineering along with decades of maintenance and repair. GPT offers training. 

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